“Have I found time in my lifetime to learn traditional handworks, craftings and drawings in my   so-called busy schedule? Does the pressure of being successful at school, work hidden my creativity deep inside? Have I forgotten the beauties of friendship and cooperation in our era of individualism?”

    This was the topic of the project meeting in Çanakkale, Turkey. We tried to understand the meaning of “Slowing Down” by the means of creativity. As the team of Turkey we tried to form a spirit with the humble idea of “Be good,be kind,be respectful,be creative”

The workshops in Turkey was designed purely to help kids reveal their creativity by means of crafting, drawing and handworks without the stress of competing.

At the Marbling Workhop teachers and students get some basic knowledge about Turkish art of Marbling. Students and teachers tried and worked with paint, water and marbling paper.

At the Filography Workshop teachers and students learned the art of Filography which is also known as “the dance of nails and wire”. They made their own filography artworks.

Unlike filograhpy and marbling workshops  the Ceramics and Tile Workshop was more familiar to our guests. They used craft their own ceramics using their imagination. These ceramics were then dried and given as gifts to each student and teacher.

At each of the above mentioned workshops students and teachers  not only gained knowledge about Turkish way of art, but also about customs, cultural heritages, enrich cultural knowledge.

At the Toy Making Workshop, each participant was given tens of materials that s/he can use to craft his/her own toy without any limit, however prior to this process examples of traditional handmade toys were shown to them to get some basic idea. 

Similar to Toy Making Workshop, each participant again given materials to craft his/her own musical instrument at the Making Instruments. Students and teachers crafted these instruments using everyday materials like rice, bottle cap, wire, piece of wood etc.

During the Knitting Workshop, teachers and students were instructed by senior Turkish citizens on how to knit easy outfits. Participants knitted part of a glove, sock etc. 

At the Artistic Drawings Workshop, students and teachers were free to draw whatever they want from landscape to portrait to surrealistic drawing. They enjoyed their time working with their friends.

At the Gardening Workshop, we build a “Slow Down Garden” using the seeds brought by each participant country from their home country. 

At each above mentioned workshops participants experienced creativity through innovative yet traditional activities.

Students and teachers also visited the following musuems, historical and educational sites and other attractions in downtown Çanakkale and nearby.

Simulation Center: Our guests were shown a 45 minutes simulation of Gallipoli campaign (1915). They were able to experience the war of Gallipoli in first person point of view. 

Ceramic Museum: Çanakkale is famous for its traditional ceramic making history. The musuem of ceramic is a great place to see the history and evolution of ceramic making and designs. This visit was made in accordance with above mentioned Ceramic Workshop.

Troy Tour: Students and teachers visited the Ancient City of Troy and Musuem of Troy which are located about 20kms away from downtown Çanakkale. Visitors slow down and imagined as if they were living in ancient times in Troy. 

 Yeşilyurt Village: Yeşilyurt village is a slow village roughly 50kms to downtown Çanakkale. Students and teachers observed how villages live in a slow village and talked with them about their way of life.

Assos Tour: Students and teachers visited Acropolis and Athena Temple. Visitors walked in historical village of Assos.

Thanks to Erasmus+ School Partnership Program to give us such a great chance to create new ideas with our new friends and colleagues.