Agrupamento de Escolas Emidio Navarro

Agrupamento de Escolas Emidio Navarro (AEEN), was created in April 2013, resulted from the aggregation of Emidio Navarro Secondary School with Schools Group D. António da Costa. It is located in Almada, a city that is located in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, on the south bank of the Tagus river. The Emidio Navarro, D. António da Costa schools are formed as the oldest public schools in Almada, having been created, respectively, in 1956 and in 1959.

The (AEEN) recently created, encompasses seven schools covering all levels of education, from kindergarten to secondary level (12th grade):

High School Emidio Navarro (ESEN) – with the 3rd cycle of basic education, regular secondary education, VET courses and courses of education and training of adults.

School 2.3 D. António da Costa ( EDAC ) – with the 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic education

Schools and EB1 EB1 Almada paragraph 3 of Cova da Piedade – .1 with the basic education cycle.

Schools EB1/JI vanes Peace EB1/JI Cova da Piedade and EB1/JI #3 of Almada – with the 1st cycle of basic education is well developed and where pre-school education in kindergartens for children that integrate these three schools.

The educational community Grouping break down as follows by the various schools:

ESEN: 1050 students and 91 teachers.

EDAC: 800 students and 63 teachers.

Schools 1st cycle: 720 students and 37 teachers.

Kindergarten: 235 children and 7 teachers.

The seven schools that comprise the GSEN have a location close to each other in the central city area. Serve in this way, a typically urban population living in Almada or that residing in other parishes of the county, in the city have their place of work or even family members who give the necessary logistical support to students where parents work Lisbon.


The schools are involved in several European Erasmus+ projects Ka2 and are also a European Erasmus+ KA1 course providers:  

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Portuguese Team

Rui Baltazar - Team Coordinator
Coordinator of the course: EUROPEANS SHARING VIEWS - Making sense of the world through multimedia and ICT and free Web Tools in Education: Another way to Teach and to Learn Teacher of ICT / Computers Science in the VET Courses Trainer of Teachers Master of Educational Sciences - Specialization in Computer Education (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) Degree in Computer Science - Specialization in Information Systems Specialization in Computer Engineering Coordinator for Information Technology and Communication (ICT) (AlmadaForma) Coordinator of the European Project PLAY WEB Member of the several European projects, like INTER+, FIVE, PLURI-LA

António Barreiros
António Barreiros - teaches Mathematics in Emídio Navarro Secondary School and has boosted several school projects. He is currently managing the school Chess Club.

Fernanda Rosa-Leeke
Hello I’m Fernanda Rosa-Leeke, I’m 55 years old and I’m a Portuguese teacher of French and English. I’ve been a teacher at Emídio Navarro School for almost 30 years. I’m outgoing, funny and solar. My favourite things in life are travelling, cooking and eating, music and dancing and meeting people. I love my job and my students.

Sónia Braz Rodrigues
My name is Sónia Braz Rodrigues. I'm a Special Education teacher, with an initial formation in Physical Education (sports), in Portugal. I was an Erasmus student in university, in the city of Granada, Spain, and now I´m an Erasmus teacher. And what an honor it is to know colleagues from other countries, to learn with them and to share my experiences... I love to travel, to dance, do be with my family and friends, and to laugh!

Teresa Dias
Hello I`m Teresa Dias, I`m 52 years old and I have been an History teacher for more than 25 years. On my free time I enjoy reading books, especially historical ones and watching films, I love cinema. I love travelling, visiting new places and having new experiences. I usually go to the gym and I also like to go cycling. I am married and I have two daughters and a cat. I love animals. On my holidays I normaly go to the beach with my family, since the ocean makes me relax and have fun.

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