1. Promoting the ‘slowing down’ awareness that include identifying, reducing stress factors and skills in private or educational life, both for teachers, students and indirectly also for their parents from 6 European schools 

2. Including students with fewer chances, students with lower results, the potential victims of bullying to help them in gaining self-esteem and succeed in becoming stronger, suitably confident 

3. Popularizing stress free education through the adoption of innovative teaching approaches and non-formal education practices, as well as supporting problem-based learning 

4. Setting the 2-year-long project research as main source of our good practice, compendium of knowledge and methods that allow to use best, experienced innovative didactic methods, sharing good practice at European level and cooperation among partners. Creating ‘Anti-stress guidebook for students and teachers’ as result of research. 

5. Increasing school quality by development of teachers proficiency and qualifications, finding new motivation for searching the non-formal methods in learn-teach process, reducing burnout effect and constant openness for new challenges The results we would like to achieve are: – participants identify and can deal with negative stress in education, know the methods to reduce it with lifelong effect – participants know the meaning of healthy life: the importance of proper nutrition, being active, living in harmony with nature, developing own interests, finding passion, showing respect to other people or cultural values, finding the bond among relatives, friends,neighbours – schools include elaborated methods in their curricula as new clubs or projects, use scripts, outlines by various teachers from schools from local area, also after the end of the project – teachers assimilate and share the new, alternative perspective in teaching that is student-centered, does not include grading or creative homework, but rather explores students’ potential and development of critical thinking – participants collaborate, improving their foreign language competences to achieve a better understanding of own value and potential, self-esteem – participants will create: teaching Guidebook and all learning materials jointly designed and produced by partners – informing the Ministry of Education in each country about the problem we identified, research, tasks and solutions. 

The results we want to produce are tangible: products, methods, experiences including short projects for other teachers, outlines, scripts showing our 2 years work, ideas for a better quality and healthy lifestyle for school communities, blogs; informative brochures, studies, photo albums, educational games, learning kits, school guides, scripts for the meetings with parents, communication instruments (websites, flyers, blogs, videos) and events (conferences, happenings, debates, camping, concerts);research in local societies, surveys, interviews, videos.

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