We would like to have an influence on the educational system in partners schools and to increase the competences of teachers, students and related participants like social community. Our idea is to promote innovative way of thinking, using alternative methods in learn-teach process to be more

attractive for students, but also to enrich the qualifications of all involved participants. Project objectives are also concerned with raising the level of education built on our observations, ideas or even demands of students, their parents and some educators. We believe that enjoying life, living in
harmony with nature, discovering relations with older generations and being open to old customs or workshops, will have a big impact on creating active citizenship and promoting healthy lifestyle. 

In our schools there is a visible and audible opinion about need to change the school educational system. We are 6 different schools that represent the clear point of view to reduce the negative stress at school and decrease amount of homework, tests and all works which are mainly based on studying at home, with the assistance of parents or extra courses to achieve satisfactory level of grades. In Polish school, there was an online survey in the 2017 that proved that students and their parents demand a limited number of tests per week, countable amount of homework, leaving weekends without homework and Mondays as days deprived of testing. 

About 86 % of 420 respondents in Poland admitted that they would like to moderate, lessen the number of tests, to give the correct, smaller number of flash tests. That survey was also conducted in all of project partners schools in January 2018 for 120 respondents in each school. We have similar survey results as in Poland: Italy 60 %, Greece 91 %, Latvia 60 %, Portugal 65 %, Turkey 61 %. All of us follow the same opinion given by societies to change the educational system and focus on individuality, reducing impractical homework, changing the grading and attitude to learning. It shows that students, parents, but also teachers realize the incredible amount of effort that is not enjoyable or creative, but mostly focused on the high ‘study and forget’ effect. According to the meetings with parents, discussions among teachers and students, we believe that school’s future is rather in exploring individual values, finding the creative thinking and innovative methods of teaching. 

It will empower students and teachers’ competences and make life more reflective or enjoyable. Our schools deal with same problems and after analyzing our needs, clarifying objectives for cooperation, we would like to start project lasting 23 months that include innovative, alternative teaching to get interest of our students, enclose them to school avoid early living school age, but also to give us chance to live healthier, discovering own potential, creating positive attitude towards gaining knowledge or being open to local communities, their peers in Europe.

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