Opet Tarihe Saygı Ortaokulu

OPET TARIHE SAYGI SECONDARY SHOOL is located on the Gallipolli Peninsula and Dardanelles (one of the only place which connects the continents,also the place where World War I took place) and the land of ancient Troy.We are proud to have once Aristo as a teacher at our hometown.He spent three years educating his pupils at Assos. Education and training have continued in our current building since 2012. 

With 31 teachers and 305 pupils (aged 11-14),we are facing through Europe intended to get close cultural relationship with the European youth.Our school area is 5 hectares, with 16 classrooms,a science lab,a computer lab,a full equipped music class,a library and 107 heads conference room.Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard.Internet access is available.

English is the second foreign language.Our pupils open to work together with pupils from Europe in order to exchange their experience.There are pupils with special educational needs as well as children from various cultural groups.All the needed conditions for integrated education are ensured along with the regular pupils.The projects are conducted by our school make the pupils eager to learn more.Coding
Eceabat project aims to improve our pupils ICT skills.My school is my home project aims to get detailed information about our pupils and their families strengths and weaknesses.

Team Eceabat project will organize 14 different visits to surrounding  businesses.Additionally, there are chess tournaments,photo contests,poetry recitals and knowledge contests. Tubitak 4006 Science Fairs program has started with the vision that every student can make a scientific project and every school can organize a scientific fair.The main aim is to provide pupils opportunities to develop hypothesis
and then test them.

We had White Flag in 2015,with the aim of protecting and improving the physical and mental health of our students.Eco-school is a program applied to give a training of environment conscious.Reading is a MUST project aims to improve our pupils’ reading skills and build a school model that makes reading a living culture. As well as these national projects,we took part in Comenius projects.Our previous experience had a significant impact on the teachers and pupils of our institution.With our new project,we aim to have a slow education.

This cooperation will help the participants about reducing stress,learning/teaching by enjoying,doing homework without frustration,struggle with overloaded cirruculum. The coordinator of this team and contact person of the project is Saliha Deniz,teacher of English since 2004,the leader of our school’s Comenius and Erasmus + Clubs.

She is responsible for using modern and dynamic teaching methods to show students how to fluently communicate using English language.She involved many national and international projects/meetings like Comenius and Model United Nations.People who will be in charge of this project are the headmaster and experienced teachers of English in our school.

Turkish Team

Saliha DENİZ - Team Coordinator
I am Saliha DENİZ. I am a teacher of English for fourteen years. I was born in İstanbul in 1979. I have been living in Çanakkale since 1998. I am married and have a thirteen years old son. I have been working at Opet Tarihe Saygı Ortaokulu,Eceabat for ten years. I am responsible for using modern and dynamic teaching methods to show students how to fluently communicate using English.I am very passionate about making a real difference to young people’s lives through teaching. I took part many national and international projects, like Comenius, Erasmus + and Model United Nations. I am a Professional tourist guide as well. I love guiding, being active, meeting new people,travelling and spending time with my family and friends.

My name is Ahmet YÜKSEL. I am a science teacher in Çanakkale, Turkey. I have been working at Opet Tarihe Saygı Ortaokul ,Eceabat since 2014.I am married and I have a two years old daughter. For me teaching is more than a job, it is part of us. I love traveling, seeing new cities and tasting different foods.

I am Deniz AYDENİZ. I started my professional career as a Turkish teacher at Yeniçiftlik YİBO in Yeniçiftlik village of Çanakkale on 12.09.2003, worked as a Literature Teacher in Biga for three years. I was appointed to Yenice district of Çanakkale on 29.06.2006 to complete my compulsory service. I was appointed to Yenice Cumhuriyet Secondary School on 02.11.2010 as Assistant Manager. I was appointed as the Principal of the Cumhuriyet Secondary School on 28.03.2011, worked as the Director of the Cumhuriyet Secondary School for 3 years and as the Director of Opet Tarihe Saygı Secondary School on 17.08.2016. I am married and have one daughter.

My name is Gülşah AYDENİZ. I am 35 years old. I live in Çanakkale,in Turkey.I’m married and I have a pretty daughter.I have been working as an English teacher for fourteen years . Now, I work at Opet Tarihe Saygı Secondary School. I am in love with my students and my job. In my free time, I am interested in watching series especially based on foreign cultures. I also love travelling. Moreover, I show interest to decorations and ornaments. However, the most valuable thing for me is to collect sweet memories with my extended family.

My name is Hilal GÜNEŞ. I am 35 years old. I live Çanakkale in Turkey. I am a visual art teacher. I like my work, enjoy drawing with my students.I have a daughter. She is 5 years old. I love drawing, listening music, watching movies, travelling and exploring new places.

My name is Reyhan YAZICI. I am 33 years old. I work at Opet Tarihe Saygı Secondary School, in Çanakkale as a Computer Science Teacher. In my free times, I like swimming, listening to music, especially rock, heavy metal (Apocalyptica is my favourite). I love coding and I give coding courses at school. I have one cute daughter and she’s my life.

Seçkin PEKER
I am Seçkin PEKER. I live in Çanakkale, Turkey and work as an English language teacher. I love my job. I do enjoy nice food and nature ,not fishing though, fishing is way too boring for me. I like cycling and a nice cup of coffee with some company.

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