Blīdenes Pamatskola

Blīdenes primary school is located a hundred kilometres from our capital city. The school has long history, it’s almost two hundred years old. We try to participate in different projects to provide wealthy environment to our students. We have participated in Comenius projects and Erasmus+ project. 

We always want to give to our students more. If it’s possible, we take them abroad to see the world and to understand that people may live differently, there are other cultures, lifestyles. In school we have three learning programs, one of it is for children with special needs. 

The second learning program is for children with behavioural problems, and the third one is general education program. Our students and teachers are learning foreign languages.The symbol of Blīdene primary school is an oak that is why we like to compare school with an oak tree and students with its acorns. 

Blīdenes Primary School is the only school in Latvia, which has received the status of humanistic pedagogy. Our school also differs from others with our innovations in teaching – learning process. Therefore, school is regularly visited by people who observe teaching methods, school management, so we also would like to share with our experience, materials with others in this project, and also we want to get new knowledge how we can improve our daily work. 

Our school tries to prepare good, creative citizens for our country. Blidene Elementary School is a rural school with a little over 100 pupils and 15 teachers taught. The school is located in a very geographically advantageous place. The legal representative and the coordinator of the project is the graduate of Blidene Primary School Lana P. Uzule has been working at school for the eighth year as a teacher of English and the Latvian, and literature. 

By March 2018 Lana P. Uzule will be headmistress of Blidene primary school. She is currently coordinator for the Erasmus + project, which will end in August this year. The teacher has received the honorary title of the teacher of humanitarian pedagogy, taught by Š. Amonashvili. In recent years, the teacher has attended various courses in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain,Italy, and Russia – in order to improve her skills to work with students. She is also suitable for the project, because she has participated in several contests at national level with children and always won awards. 

She always teach to her students how to expand their knowledge and they must to get a lesson from every event that they have experienced. The second the most suitable person for the project is Zane Dzelstiņa, she has been working in Blidene primary school for the 4th year, but during this time, she has approved that she is very determined person, who always brings into school new ideas teaches to children new ways how to acquire knowledge. Zane Dzelstiņa has participated in many national and international courses and seminars, to improve her knowledge of projects.


Lana Paulauska- Uzule - Team Coordinator

I am from Latvia, Blīdene. I live in Blīdene for almost twenty years. I work in Blidene Elementary school for 9 years as Latvian and English teacher. I am interested in art, music and I love theater. In my free time I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family.

Daiga Plaude

I am a teacher of mathematics and computer science. For many years I have been fascinated by folk dancing. I am a five-daughter mom. In my spare time I dance, enjoy cultural events and write projects.

Gunta Reisa

I'm a primary school teacher. I like everything related to nature. During your free time you will give your bike a ride. As well as visiting my grandchildren. One of my hobbies is reading books.

Iveta Strautmane

I am an English teacher in Blidene Elementary School. I really like my job, because it is so unpredictable, each day brings something new. I like spending my free time with my family. I really like shopping, I like sightseeing, meeting new people and getting new experiences.

Jānis Priede

I am a graduate of Blīdene Elementary School, and I have been working as a computer lab at the Blīdene Elementary school for the fourth year. I am currently studying at a university to become a teacher of mathematics and social sciences. My hobby is fishing.

Marita Bašlika

I am a teacher of biology, geography and science with fifteen years of experience at school. In my free time I like handicrafts, traveling around Latvia with my family.

Rebeka Grante

I'm a visual arts teacher. I also teach children with special needs. My passion is art and everything related to it. I like to travel and enjoy art.

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