I.T. Giordani-Striano

We are technical secondary school situated in good residential area of Naples, with 850 students and 35 teachers. Students attending school come from the most  disadvantaged Neapolitan suburbs populated by families in which their breadwinners are often unemployed or work by the piece.

The educational curricula our institution offers is suitable to those boys who do not have economical possibilities to go to university since they could easily been caught by the delinquency. Our pupils are 14-19,among them there are students with special needs, as it is in this kind of vocational specializing schools that these, not too lucky pupils, apply to. 

Educators are strongly aware that year by year it is becoming easier for our pupils to believe in the fairy tale of Little Red Cap than in the fact that by studying they will find a good job. So we realized that we need to readopt our methodologies in the sense that the theoretical classes our students follows day by day need to be reshaped by
inserting activities able to make our current educational methods closer and closer to a noneducation pathway. 

However, these activities will have to be able to provide our students with the suitable competences our curricula contemplates.Next to normal and common difficulties we have working with teenagers we have recently started to record that the majority of our students after spending long hours at school they are show signs of suffering from anxiety. 

We all know that feeling of stress and anxiety are a part of life and if on one hand some levels of stress can be good as the right kind of stress encourages a person toward charge and growth. On the other hand, when stress and anxiety exist for a long period of time they can became a burden or even a health risk. In other words we have been developing and designing our schools, classrooms, programs and activities so these students can learn and participate together with the other pupils. 

All the care and the professionalism our organisation with its high qualified staff has been appointed INCLUSION LOCAL EDUCATIONAL CENTER in 2012 by our Regional Educational Board, this means that we are referent – tutor of all the other schools in the district. Since 2015 we have been in charged of being AUTISM HELP DESK. 

As for the KEY PEOPLE who will be involved in this project: Nocerino Rosaria, one of the most qualified English teachers in the field of educational skills. She personally
attended many in-service training courses developing appropriate strategies to provide students with all the benefits of inclusion education. Mrs Diascepola has been in charged to develop suitable strategies to provide all students with all benefits from inclusion education, she is the most qualified one and specialized for teaching disabled children, responsible for children with specific learning disorders. There rest of the teachers are highly qualified, motivated and willing to share experience in European education.

Italian Team

Rosaria Nocerino - Team Coordinator
My name is Rosaria and my surname is Nocerino. I teach English and Spanish to secondary school students. I 'm the European project Coordinator in my school and I have been working on Comenius and Erasmus+ projects for ten years.

Bianca Discepola
My name is Bianca and my surname is Discepola. I teach to students with special needs and I like it very much!! My degree is in Music so at school I 'm always involved in after- school activities concerning Drama and Music and I have been working on Comenius and Erasmus+ projects for five years.

Daniela Daniele
My name is Daniela and my surname is Daniele. I teach Chemistry in a secondary high school. I like listening to music. This is the second time I'm involved in an Erasmus project and I 'm glad of this because I want to improve my English competence, specifically in speaking.

Marina Leoncini
My name is Marina and my surname is Leoncini. I'm a teacher indeed I teach Italian and History at secondary-high school students. I really like travelling and get in touch with other cultures. My favourite hobby is to sew, specially carnival and drama costumes.

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