The “Slowing Down” Erasmus+ team
of the 9th High School of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece,
is celebrating the Erasmus Days!

 On Thursday, October 10th, 2019, events and various activities were held at the 9th High School of Kalamaria, in the context of the definition of October 10, 11 and 12 as Erasmus Days by the European Erasmus Foundation.     

      The participating students and teachers in the European programme Erasmus + 2018-2020, “Slowing down -a new face of European education”, organized an event, where the work of the four implemented Interethnic Meetings of the Pedagogical Teams of Turkey (16-21.12.2018), Greece (3-8.3.2019), Poland (12-17.5.2019) and Portugal (14-21.9.2020) was presented. And there was, of course, an open, on-line invitation to all society; institutions, associations of parents and guardians, adjacent schools, individual citizens. 

      The guests, namely representatives of the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia, representatives of the Department of Education of the Municipality of Kalamaria, individual citizens from adjacent schools and elsewhere, parents, the Teaching Staff and the Student Community of the 9th High School of Kalamaria toured the area of ​​Exhibition, Communication and Promotion of European Erasmus+ programmes, where they

saw and enjoyed the photographic material that the Pedagogical team had placed on school stands,

admired the exhibited final products of the Greek Pedagogical team,

examined carefully and admired the work produced, as well as the gifts of the foreign missions,

listened with great interest to the testimonies of Greek students, who participated in these four Interethnic Meetings and discussed about their experiences,

were informed about the Erasmus+ programmes, 

-received relevant, printed material about Europe, which was provided free of charge by “Europe Direct-Greece”,

read and listened to the “Slowing down song”, the lyrics of which were written by the Greek Pedagogical team, trying then to sing it altogether,

enjoyed with great enthusiasm and loud laughters the videos that were shot at times,

watched in person the very beginning of a wall painting about the logo of our project “Slowing down -a new face of European education” with the happily smiling and sweet turtle.

      Throughout the tours, the enthusiasm, the pleasant surprise, the joy, little ‘jealousy’ and the admiration were imprinted on the faces of all students of the 9th High School of Kalamaria for the plethora, ingenuity and beauty of the products produced. Many questions, as well as their interest 

in the possibility of their participation in such programmes, are proof that the dissemination of the purpose and objectives of our project has been achieved very satisfactorily.

       It was a great day! A day of exchanging knowledge, information, experiences and memories, in relation to the Erasmus + programmes!