9th High School of Kalamaria

The 9th High School of Kalamaria is a public school of Thessaloniki at Northern Greece, with 320 pupils, 12-14 years old. About 35 teachers of our school are highly skilled, open-minded and innovative, using creative and non-formal educational methods in their everyday teaching. They systematically acquire, as life-long learners, the necessary pedagogical experience to support every need of their students. 

Our pupils are aware of the importance of foreign languages, of knowing and accepting different cultures and customs, as future citizens of united Europe. For these reasons, we consistently support such projects (Comenius/eTwinning/Erasmus+), so that they have the chance to travel abroad and get experiences, knowledge and self-confidence, overcoming the fear of the unknown. 

Regardless of our students’ linguistic, social or cultural diversity, we try to offer them all the learning opportunities to overcome any obstacles, promoting creativity through social, ecological and cultural projects. 

We try to inspire our students with the value of life-long learning, as effective defense to the economic crisis of our days. Socio-economic changes due to the economic crisis of the recent years, followed up by the fear for the future as well as the demanding school-performance, have led to increasing panic attacks among pupils. Our pupils deal with the stress of unemployment every day, knowing that more education is needed to get a future job in their country or abroad.

Additionally, we consider training on innovative teaching methods and effective practices equally necessary for teachers, too. We expect that through this programmme, pupils will learn useful “Slowing Down Techniques”, for handling school-life and daily stress. Along with their foreign language skills, they will strengthen their self-confidence and creativity, facing differences and similarities among pupils from other countries. 

Pupils and teachers will enjoy new teaching methods that will reinforce their learning interest. We pursue to give pupils relaxing school moments, involving as many teachers as possible in non-formal education, reducing thus stress in our school life. The “key people” of our team are: 

Christina Laspa (German Language) and Maria Kechri (R.E), committed to international collaborative and creative projects, building bridges between countries and schools. Anna Sabanidou (Maths) has excellent knowledge of ICT and Aphrodite Toufexi (English Language) is committed to Educational Equality and non-Violence. The other members of the team teach various subjects and they are experienced in projects, too. All above teachers are permanently placed at our school, with no possibility of being placed at another school or retired in the near future.

Greek Team

Christina Laspa - Team Coordinator
Hello, my name is Christina Laspa. I was born in Hamburg and grew up there. I teach German and History in the 9th High School of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki. I am the European project Coordinator in my school and I have been working on Comenius and Erasmus+ projects for many years. I really like to work with students and bring them in touch with other cultures. I love to meet with friends and being with my family. I have three children and love dancing and music.

Aphrodite Toufexi
Aphrodite Toufexi:  I have been teaching English for 36 years; 33 of them at State schools. I could say that I am quite experienced as a participant in Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. I am open in using new methods in the classroom. In the past, I ran several projects on "Equality between the two Genders” and "Violence" and released some books and surveys. I like most kinds of music, such as rock, metal, classical, Latin-american,... and love singing, dancing and laughing. I have got two daughters.

Maria Theodosio
I am Maria Theodosiou and I teach modern and ancient greek language and literature. I was once an Erasmus student in Amsterdam and now an Erasmus teacher! May this tradition go on successfully. My everyday life hobby is indoor cycling. But what I most enjoy is travelling around the world!

Kechri Maria
My name is Kechri Maria. I teach religion in high school. I love animals and especially my dog Prima. I like hanging out with my friends, chat with them and have fun. I love to travel around the world whenever I have a chance.

Zelina Krystallidou
Hello! I am Zelina Krystallidou and I teach music at the 9th high school in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. I like being with my friends and discuss and laugh with them. Travelling and meeting new colleagues of other countries is very interesting for me.

And three more members of the Greek team:

Eirini Boulaki

“My name is Eirini Boulaki. I am a science teacher at the 9th High School of Kalamaria. I love the sun and the sea. My hobbies are dancing and singing.”

Haroula Varveri

“My name is Haroula Varveri and I teach Technology – Engineering at the 9th High School of Kalamaria. I love everything related to art and nature. I love handicraft, to make constructions and to be creative. I spend a lot of time in nature to collect things, which I then process.”

Konstantinos Koutroumbis

“My name is Konstantinos Koutroumbis. I have been teaching at the 9high school of Kalamaria for many years. My subject is art. I love to do handicrafts. My favorite is to work with wood.”

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