ZSP Siemianice

Our public school consists of Kindergarten, Primary (students aged 3-13) and Junior High ( aged 13-16). There are about 50 teachers, 460 students in school located in suburbs of town Słupsk, 17 kilometers from the Baltic Sea. The school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities which are carefully prepared by highly qualified staff using newest multimedia equipment.Our aim is constant development, having qualified teachers who are able to face changes in modern world, inspire their students, search for their talents,interests. School takes part in projects (Comenius, Erasmus+, Youngster, eTwinning) as the European Development Plan of institution points to continual experience in the international field. 

We were awarded: Comenius Good Practice school in 2015, School with Class, Safe School, Friendly Atmosphere School. Many teachers started innovations instead of regular lessons, combine theory with unusual methods to enrich own workshop and to involve students potential.

School motivation to join and lead project is to teach the students to be confident lifelong learners, to respect and find tolerance towards one another in order to integrate successfully in today’s  international society. Important reason is a deep need to follow the changing requirements of community that tends to reduce stress and speed of gaining knowledge, to limit homework and give best quality education that discovers students’ talents and helps in understanding the world or teaches healthy lifestyle. 

Developing students individuality and supporting their good feeling of learning is very crucial aspect for us. Giving positive “ I can do this”- feeling effects students’attitude to learn and make it easier.We believe that every child, from every country is capable of reaching its potential, and that many exceed personal goals when there is learning climate which is orderly, secure and focused. 

Local society is involved in all decisions we make and guarantee full support. We have realized that nowadays students are able to use ICT very easily, but unluckily they spend too much time using digital devices. Next visible conclusion that all adults have is fact that the social needs, communication among people and involvement disappear very rapidly in the modern youth’s world. Changing digitally involved students into more open to others, more curious of the world and managing the every day situations without stress or tension.

We have to face many social, educational problems and we understand that the basic communication is always relevant. People who will be in charge of this project are experienced teachers of English (coordinator Joanna Charczun) having passion and interests that will make the project more various, they are innovators, coordinators, workshop leaders.Other involved educators of Primary /education, ICT understand how important is to share good practice, motivate and being motivated for work on European priority areas to broaden horizons in education.

Polish Team

Joanna Charczun - Project Coordinator

Hello, I’m Joanna Charczun, a project writer and a coordinator. I have been involved in the Comenius, Erasmus + projects since 2013. I am a teacher of English from Poland. I believe that ‘Slowing down’ our life is essential not only in education. Having passion, interests, makes us more curious and open to each other.

Agata Sztark
My name is Agata Sztark.  I live in Poland, in Słupsk. I work in a primary school. I am a teacher in early education classes and I also work in a school library. What is more, I am o pedagogical therapist. I really like my job. After work I prefer to read and go swimming, cycling or running. I have one daughter who has already started her studying. I am a happy owner of a dog. I love to travel and meet the new interesting people.

Agnieszka Szydło
My name is Agnieszka Szydło. I'm a teacher of grades 1-3 and speech therapist in primary school. I like listening to music and reading crime books. I love to have contact with nature and go cycling.

Andrzej Paszun
My name is Andrzej and my surname is Paszun. I teach Polish. I like books and music. When I have time, I go running.

Kasia Praszczak
Hi! I'm Kasia Praszczak- a teacher of Polish language at school in Siemianice. I have an artistic soul. I love theatre, music and travelling. I like new challenges. But the most important for me is my family.

Maciej Mijewski
Maciej Mijewski, 41 - teaching English for many years. Working in primary school in Siemianice for 2 years - previously working in various schools in Poland and abroad. Interested in reading, discovering new cultures, music (listening as well as performing it), cycling, travelling and everything crazy enough to abandon my comfort zone.

Michał Piórkowski
My name is Michał Piórkowski. I'm 27 years old. I live in Słupsk. I teach Maths and Computer Science in elementary school. In my free time I play board games and listen to Queen. I'm keen on the new technologies.

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