In an innovative 23- month research we will find answers how to reduce stress, gain good practice via non-formal methods in teach-learn process, we will see if setting ‘Healthy lifestyle’ with all ‘Slowing down’ ideas gives positive result,reduces stress, develops potential,self-esteem, both for students and teachers but also for students’ parents. 

This whole group will be asked 3 times to give opinion via surveys, interviews.Our observations, good practice will be presented in final ‘Anti-stress Guidebook’,disseminated widely for all interested. It includes local actions:1 visit in institution that uses alternative methods in teaching, 2 visits in Ministry of Education to inform about research, its results, solutions. 

In Turkey we will experience traditional workshops, find relations among people, value of cultural heritage, having passion and present it in e-magazine ‘Being respectful, being creative’. It will support ‘slowing down’ idea and reveal students’ artistic, ICT talents.

Booklet ‘Top 10 Slowing Down city Rules’ and ‘Slow-Down Photo Album ‘will promote being active, curious, reducing stress methods in big city with universal solutions after activity in Greece. For meeting in Poland we will conduct research in local society to find out ‘Games from the past’, popularize outdoor activities, connection with third generation, create new game, make digital book ‘Time Traveller’. 

After camping in Portugal, participants will be able to see advantages of cooperation, simple life, living in harmony with nature,create ‘Camp diary’ blog, Photo book ‘Happy life’, video. In Italy participants will study how to be healthy, use slow food, good quality products, nutrition in a digital recipe ‘Slow Food Book’. After Latvia we will present techniques for relaxation in ‘Book of Mandalas’ and ‘Meditative Soundtrack’. Coordinators will include the students with lower results, physically weaker and having fewer chances in project works. 

To support them, we will use ‘Peer to Peer’ project eTwinning communication. All of activities are innovative, use alternative methods that reduce negative stress, explore students potential, show how to ‘slow down’ busy life and focus on important matters among people, quality of work, respect to others, sharing time together, cooperation Students and teachers will study together to reveal best solution for themselves, but also for educational use.

Results of project will be both tangible and intangible. We will create products, methods and  experiences.Informative products:booklet, studies, photo books,guidebook; educational products:didactic games, kits, guides,curriculum;communication instruments: websites,flyers,videos; events: conferences, happenings, debates. We will increase quality of school work, develop teachers profession by: 2 courses, setting research that answers local society needs, searching for best methods in teaching, involving found out techniques in curricula and in extra clubs work for long-lasting effect.

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