“Pupils of the 9th High School of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, participants in an Erasmus+ project, meet the Regional Director of the First and Second Degree Education of Central Macedonia”

An article by the Erasmus+KA2 work group 

     Within the scope of spreading over the activities and persecuted aims of our European project, the Erasmus+ work group of the 9th High School of Kalamaria addressed a letter-request to the Regional Director of Education of the Central Macedonia, Mr Ananiades Panayiotis, to fix an appointment with us, in order to let him know about our project and propositions concerning educational and school matters.      

     The meeting took place in the Mansion “Zeda”, on Wednesday, 20 March 2019, at 14:15. Due to an unexpected incident that occurred to Mr Ananiades Panayiotis, the Deputy Regional Director of the Educational Department of Central Macedonia, Mr Papadopoulos Aristides met us with a warm welcome in his office, along with the European Projects Accountable, Mrs Staekou Lena.

     Firstly, the present students and teachers informed them about 

the Partnership of the 9th High School of Kalamaria with five foreign ones from the countries of Poland, Latvia, Portugal, Italy and Turkey on the working out of the specific project, under the common title “Slowing down -A new face of European Education”,

the various actions and activities that focus on the inquiry for and finding out new, non-formal learning-techniques in acquiring knowledge, dexterities and capabilities,

the project targets that aim at the the reduction of the stress at school, without at the same time performance in lessons being reduced,

-the involvement of the School Community, parents and Local Authorities, related to education, as one of the project pursuits,

the experiences they brought away from their first educational meeting in Çanakkale, Turkey, and their enthusiasm due to the warm Turkish hospitality,

their constructive meeting with the Mayor of Kalamaria, Mr Bakoglides Theodossios, 

their fascinating moments during their lengthy preparations for the Greek Week, their effort all activities being carried out successfully during this week as well as their exciting experiences that they shared with their foreign guests,

the impending, third educational-meeting in Poland, in May 2019.

     Afterwards, the pupils posed to and discussed with the Deputy Regional Director of Education their questions-suggestions, which were also handed to him in writing. All of them concerned the improvement of our educational system and the conditions under which learning, free of stress, can be achieved. A vital and essential dialogue followed between the two parts, which eventually came to its end with Mr A. Papadopoulos’ promise to push the students’ propositions to the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion.

     Then, the European Projects Accountable, Mrs L. Staekou, asked each pupil separately about his/her personal thoughts on the whole venture and their feelings during its realization. Their answers satisfied her stiff by notifying that, in fact, all students experienced positively even the smallest moment of this educational meeting. She also pointed out that, although lots of European projects have been worked out for many years, this is the first time it has been requested by an Erasmus+ work group to meet them and exchange information, experiences or advice with them.

     This agreeable, but capital and productive meeting was completed with the whole work group’s binding to visit and inform them about the outcome of the project as soon as it comes to its end, after the request of both Representatives of the Regional Department of Education.

                                                                                     … to be continued …