The slow movement: Why slowing down creates joy

In the modern world where there is a constant need to be busy (and/or act like you are), this movement stems from a need to take back the power to own our lives rather that let ourselves be owned by our insecurity of needing more. From fashion and food right up to travel and education, the ‘slow philosophy’ has attracted many with its counter intuitive ideas about how to experience life, perpetuating a shift in priorities and values.

The Slow Movement: Making a Connection

Stress is leading to unprecedented health problems. “Stop the world I want to get off” is a feeling we all have sometimes.

Why is this happening? What is wrong? What are we searching for? The one thing that is common to all these trends is connection. We are searching for connection. We want connection to people – ourselves, our family, ourcommunity, our friends, – to food, to place (where we live), and to life. We want connection to all that it means to live – we want to live a connected life.